Shop your favourite beauty brands at the new Virvici X Shopee Store

As the e-commerce boom continues unabated, it’s refreshing to see one of the biggest players step out of the crowded online space and do something different by opening a brick-and-mortar store.

Opening today (Oct 6) is the new Virvici X Shopee Store, a permanent new storefront opened by the e-commerce giant in partnership with distributor Vircici, that’s best known for carrying famed Korean beauty brands like rom&nd, Stimmung and Laka, among many others.

This is Shopee’s first foray into physical retail, and labels carried in-store will be continually refreshed by Virvici. According to them, you can expect new lineups every two weeks or so.

, Shop your favourite beauty brands at the new Virvici X Shopee Store

While beauty fiends will already be avid shoppers on Virvici’s digital store, heading down to the physical space has its advantages (not to mention being a new experience). There, you get to see actual colour swatches and products, so you know exactly what you’re buying.

Testing of products is still disallowed, of course, due to ongoing pandemic-related regulations, but staff members are ready to share more about each of the items available. Or simply scan the QR codes placed near each of the brands to find out more about them, as well as to make your purchases.

Yes, purchases can still be made digitally via your smartphone in a bid to reduce contact. So add all the items you want into your online cart on Shopee, then cart out and collect your items at the store immediately, rather than having to wait for the items to be delivered to you.

, Shop your favourite beauty brands at the new Virvici X Shopee Store

Exclusive in-store deals await too, such as 8% discounts with a minimum of $30 spent, a free makeup pouch with a minimum of $80 spent, a free Virvici bag with a minimum of $150 spent, and more.

If you’re planning to head down, do it soon, as further exclusive discounts and cashback deals are also being offered as part of Shopee’s 10.10 sale happening till Oct 10. Don’t wait till the festive season hits to do your shopping!

The Virvici X Shopee Store is located at Funan Mall #02-K04/05.