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Sometimes all you need is that one special accessory to brighten up your wardrobe. Which is why these latest items are exactly what the fashion doctor ordered: They’re unique, interesting and gorgeous. Who needs overpriced seasonal clothing when you have these babies to wear over and over again?
Hoi Ming
This luxury handbag and accessory label, founded by Hong Kong upstarts Hoiming Fung and Baldwin Pui, strikes the perfect balance between haute couture and wit. Take their “Bats” necklaces ($155) for example, which are skilfully handcrafted on leather. Attempting to reconcile the dichotomy of the bat (bats are supposed to bring luck and harmony for the Chinese, but symbolize misery and doom in the west), the duo have created a neckpiece that doubles up as a bowtie—how clever!
Available from Front Row, #02-09 Raffles Hotel Arcade, 328 North Bridge Rd.,

The creative pairing of Desiree Heiss and Ines Kaag from Berlin-based Bless has resulted in the creation of some of the best accessories of late, including their scene-stealing shades and sunshields, comprising the O.Kayers ($448), collaboration with Alain Mikli, and the bling-inspired brilliance of the Duofringeglasses ($558), which are perfect for disco themed nights and beyond.
Available from A Curious Teepee, #02-04 *Scape, 2 Orchard Link, 6820-1680.

Chris Habana
New York-based designer Chris Habana is known for taking gothic iconography and reworking it with a pop sensibility, rooted mainly in fantasy and sci-fi films. The result: Spaced-out rings and necklaces featuring triangle charms, crosses and spike motifs ($120 upwards) that are clean yet daring. Oh, and they’re unisex to boot.
Available from A Curious Teepee, #02-04 *Scape, 2 Orchard Link, 6820-1680.
Heather Keiko
Australian Heather Keiko is a textile designer who creates delicate accessories using exquisite materials like wool and felt to create repetitive layers that are bold and commanding. Take the signature plank necklaces ($150), for example, which are hand sewn using fine German wool felt, threaded together with stainless steel wire cable, and finished with a silver or gold chain—ooh la la! Other picks include the ripple and ruffle necklaces (also $150 each).
Available at Strangelet, 87 Amoy St., 6222-1456.
Michelle Lane
American stylist-turned-jewelry designer Michelle Lane creates beautiful and intricate soft neck pieces that are great for our local weather. Made mainly from white cord and ropes, her Systematic Search necklace ($595), for instance, is a sight to behold with its systematically backtracking, hand-stitched motif (hence the name). Other must-haves include the chunky Graduated Cube necklace ($285) and Elegant Truth bracelet ($210).
Available at Strangelet, 87 Amoy St., 6222-1456.