The best retro furniture stores in Singapore

The Rocking Chair

The Rocking Chair is the brainchild of husband and wife team Pearl Leong and Jay Sim. They source original vintage furniture from the UK and either restore or upcycle them from tired-looking pieces that have seen better days into statement items with loud paint accents.

Journey East

This sparse and unpolished emporium houses an eclectic, cheery collection of upcycled, refurbished furniture. They’ve got a wide range of reclaimed teak wood pieces and hand-selected vintage furniture, but be warned, the showroom is in trendy Tiong Bahru, so you might have to battle the resident hipsters to get the best stuff.

Roccoco Kent

This unpretentious vintage shop is filled to the brim with an eclectic range of items including retro furniture, clothes and collectibles. Goods stocked here are mostly rare, one-of-a-kind pieces and are updated weekly. Particularly worth checking out are their range of old fashioned type writers and display cabinets.

Like That One

This is a treasure trove of beautifully recycled and restored décor items, rescued from local second-hand furniture stores, garage sales and even dumpsters. Expect to find cool art-deco furnishings, chic ‘50s and ‘60s goods and other unique, funky home accessories.


This showroom and online store offers vintage and retro furniture, lighting and artworks with a particular focus on original Scandinavian pieces. They also have a small range of retro home accessories including colorful vases and quirky 1950s-style cookware.

Lorgan’s The Retro Store

This wonderfully colorful, cluttered store is a vintage fan’s delight. Make the time to poke through the nooks and crannies and see their original retro furniture as well as reproductions of iconic Danish furniture. They also have a fun range of retro lamps and vintage vases.

Art from Junk

Art from Junk is a home studio that restores vintage, recycled and second-hand furniture to its former glory, and then hand-paints each piece with a retro-inspired design. Each work is totally unique and the painted patterns feature traditional Singaporean designs like the Lampang Rooster, Peranakan-style floral motifs and Chinese dragons.

KB Living

Every shipment to KB Living is unique and includes a range of vintage and second-hand furniture handpicked from around the world. They have everything from rustic wooden pieces and art-deco style chairs to vintage sewing machines and collectible figurines.