Brooks Brothers Opens Flagship Store

The buzz: New mall Knightsbridge packs in the crowds with a 4,000 sq. ft. flagship store for prep specialist Brooks Brothers.
The vibe: Like it’s other boutiques, expect the vibe here to be intimate, chic yet casual, but more teeming, since it boasts a spillover younger crowd from its neighbor Topshop/ Topman. The friendly service staff will even dispense advice and take you through the makes for an entire collection so you can look preppy in a jiffy.
The goods: Staples like the campus chic range from the University collection are readily available, but keep an eye out for pieces only available here. Trimmer fits permeate the menswear pieces, like the Barracuda-type jackets paired with check shirts, uniforminspired pants and messenger bags; bolder retro prints make up a vibrant womenswear collection, available through blouses, skirts and jackets.
Why you’ll be back: Hey, this is the first time the Brooks Bros are available in downtown Orchard.
#01-07 Knightsbridge, 270 Orchard Rd., 6736-1868. Open daily 10am-10pm.