Comme des Garçons Pocket shop opens in Orchard Road

The buzz: Everyone’s favorite pop-up guerilla store is back, bringing fashionistas more of their trademark PLAY collection, accessories and perfumes.

The vibe: The guerilla store adopts the same philosophy as that of Berlin, London, Paris and Athens: Minimal expenditure on the shell (read: Whitewashed walls and cement flooring), and a location just off the main shopping street. This little store is made to look sizeable through the use of clear glass panels and just three small display cases. Friendly shop assistants are also on board to help make sure that your shopping experience is quick and effortless.

The goods: Shoes, T-shirts, wallets and perfumes. The Converse x Play high- and low-cut shoes (from $180) come in black and white, with Play’s heart-shaped motifs embedded on the sides, of course. The leather wallets (from $130), which come in black, green, orange and blue, are notoriously durable and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. An exclusive collection of perfumed candles ($116) and incense ($88) is also available, branded with state names like Kyoto, Jaisalmer, Ouarzazate and Avignon; each giving out its own unique scent and flavor.

Why you’ll be back: Nothing lasts forever and neither does Comme des Garçons Pocket. Get your fix now before it closes again within the year.

1/F Como House, 6B Orange Grove Rd., 6304-1328. Open Mon-Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 11am-6pm.