Interview: Denim tailor Michael Chua

Is there really a difference between cheap and expensive jeans?
Of course, with designer jeans you get a better cut, wash and finishing, but the quality of the material is more or less the same to the average person. Whether it’s a cheap or an expensive pair, the most important thing is to look good in it.

What do you think of people splurging on expensive pairs?
If they can afford it, why not? The priciest piece I’ve altered is a pair from Dior Homme—they cost about $3,000 and were definitely a good-looker.

How do you know if the jeans fit well?
Check the tightness around the upper thighs and hips. If it’s too tight and you can’t squat in it, get one size bigger.

The one principle that you follow when it comes to alterations?
To be attuned to different body shapes and how a pair of jeans, after alterations, can flatter the body.

Michael Chua’s services are available at CJ Apparels.