Japan’s Samantha Thavasa Opens in ION

The buzz: The popular Japanese luxury brand has set up their flagship store in Singapore much to the delight of fans of their youthful chic bags and accessories. Fans include Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton and Penelope Cruz, all of whom have endorsed the brand’s innovative design and embodiment of femininity at its finest. What’s more, with its affordable prices, the only problem one might have is finding enough closet space—although that’s hardly a complaint.
The vibe: Imagine a walk-in closet filled with bags, bags and more bags. The parquet décor creates a warm and welcoming ambiance and, with its soft lights and spacious floor area, it’ll put any shopper at ease.
The goods: Whether it’s handbags, purses, cases, totes or luggage bags, Samantha Thavasa offers a vast collection to suit almost any need (or mere want). Check out the cutesy Petit Choice range (from $396) and their Disney inspired long wallets. One of the most eye-catching bags (Hello Kitty fans, please restrain yourself) is the Hello Kitty x Liberty Print Crea bag (from $630) which features an attached soft toy. Also look out for the distinctive Samantha Vega line and Samantha Kingz men’s line coming in the near future.
Why you’ll be back: To feel like one of the gang, or simply to fill that last bit of closet space. 
#B1-27A ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, 6634 2880. Open daily 10am-10pm.