Men’s Spring/Summer 2011 Trends

Whoever says that you can never keep a good man down is probably right. This Spring/Summer, some of the major labels like Comme des Garcons and Issey Miyake are taking major risks with their menswear lines, incorporating standout prints, designs and colors that have fashion observers pausing and taking a second look from their seats (us included). This is the world of high fashion after all, and kitsch is definitely the name of the game this season. We pick some of our favorites that are already available in stores so you know just where to get your snazzy sartorial fix.
Comme des Garcons, Men’s Spring/Summer 2011 Trends
It may not be 2012 yet, but the legendary designer Rei Kawakubo already has her eye set on the apocalypse with her shocking new collection. Never mind that they’re not the most wearable—rampant skeletal motifs clashing with motorway checks isn’t something that you can actually dub “classic.” These highly seasonal and highly coveted gems, consisting mostly of black, white and grey short length pants, deconstructed shirts and blazers, will remain as collectibles for a long, long time. Buy these and save them for the next Halloween party in October—you can thank us later for making you the most stylish guy in the house.
$990 upwards at Comme des Garcons.

Issey Miyake
Variety is the keyword for designer Dan Fujiwara’s take on the season. His carefree and colorful collection consists of a few staple designs including blinding Tron-style prints in neon hues (mainly on its signature shirts), circular motifs on its denim overalls and jeans that channel the modern blues man, and standout neon-colored pocket details on shirts, parkas and hoodies, juxtaposed against vertical lines—a must for the playful and experimental.
$760 upwards at Issey Miyake.
The French music-design-fashion label has gotten stronger and stronger over the years, especially with its menswear line. This time round, designer Masaya Kuroki has opted for the globetrotter-style, where key classic pieces with careful, modern tailoring are infused with spirited colors of orange, red and blue to add to the tonality of their classic styles. Yet they are anything but boring, especially standout red parka and orange pants that will stop traffic at night, and sailor-inspired cotton jerseys and hats which are fresh, elegant and youthful all at once.
$330 upwards at Club 21b.

Liberty of London
Although light and effortless, the latest collection by Liberty London is a powerful ensemble. Fine double twisted cotton shirting fabrics ranging from stripes and eye-catching checks to jacquards and prints are the centerpieces, paired with some unpredictable china blue, tobacco and cognac hues on berms and parkas to create a pared down yet remarkable look.
$190 upwards at Club 21b.

Over the Stripes
If you can’t get enough of the streetwear look, Japan’s Over the Stripes delivers in spades with their decidedly young pieces. Designer Tamotsu Omine offers reworks of the classic Smiley Face motif and has it splashed on a range of T-shirts, coupled with 80s-inspired denim jeans with logo patchworks that will make you feel 18 all over again.
$190 upwards at Club 21b.
Club 21b #01-07 Forum The Shopping Mall, 583 Orchard Rd., 6304-1459. | Comme des Garcons #02-39/40 Hilton Shopping Gallery, 581 Orchard Rd., 6304-1362. | Issey Miyake #02-09 Hilton Shopping Gallery, 581 Orchard Rd., 6304-1352.