Open Store: S.O.U.L.S

20 Upper Circular Rd., #01-14 The Riverwalk, 6557-0121
A funky addition to the indie scene at The Riverwalk is a store called S.O.U.L.S.—short for “Societe of Undisputed Liberated Souljas.” If this sounds interesting to you, what’s even more intriguing is that the meaning of S.O.U.L.S. is set to change every three months (just imagine the permutations). Located away from the clutter of the Orchard Road stretch, S.O.U.L.S. sets itself apart from the usual fashion line-up at most stores. The labels that it carries can only be found here, and were conceptualized and created by street artists from New York, Hawaii, Canada, Japan and Hong Kong. Just the layout of the store alone merits a browse. Fans of everything street style might want to check this out.