Street Ahead

18th Amendment
Who should buy it? Any self respecting denim fan.
The philosophy behind the brand: Inspired by Hollywood’s uproarious ’20s and the coquettish elegance of Hollywood icons like Marlene Dietrich and Rita Hayworth, Australian denim brand 18th Amendment is for fans of already established denim brands like True Religion. A collaboration between celebrated fashion designer Rebecca Dawson and Rachel Rose, 18th Amendment boasts a series of diverse denim cuts and quality detailing. Everything about the collection is feminine yet rebellious—from the vintage washes to metallic wings and white denim studs to premium Japanese corduroy.
What to look out for: The uber hip lifestyle store Colette in Paris is already carrying the line—which includes high waisted lean straight leg cuts to high waisted short shorts. Look out for more of the same at Actually (29A Seah St., 6336-7298).
Airbag Craftworks
Who should buy it? Fashionistas and DJs who like innovative and reconstructed pieces a la Maison Martin Margiela.
The philosophy behind the brand: What started out more than 10 years ago from a DJ’s search for a new record carrying bag has evolved into an innovative brand worth looking out for. Founder PDR has turned a used air mattress into a bag (dubbed the airbag) which he found ideal to store his 12” vinyls. Since then, the brand has also grown into a design-platform that comprises two collections: a1 and a2. While the ideas of “recycling” and “transformation” characterized the a1 collection line under the motto “transforming holiday memories,” the designers took on a new challenge with its a2 line, where materials like leather and specially made fabrics have been turned into cool bags and garments which are steeped in tradition and craftsmanship.
What to look out for: Stocked exclusively at Actually from Jun onwards, expect some rare and interesting sweaters, pants, T-shirts and yes, bags from this hot new find.
Dr Denim Jeansmaker
Who should buy it? The name says it all—denim, denim, denim lovers.
The philosophy behind the brand: Shown for the first time in Aug 2004, Scandinavian import Dr Denim Jeansmakers has since unveiled numerous interpretations of fashion denim with focus on gorgeous details. Experimental fits, innovative combinations, anachronistic details and affordable prices are what make the brand. Carrying a wide range from 59” flat-finished denims to 29” selvage denims, the Dr Denim Jeansmakers collection draws on modern dressed-up look, combined with intimate details that dates back to the good old days of denim production so that you can have the best of both worlds.
What to look out for: A mix of fashion and fresh vintage pieces that are as street as it gets. Available from Actually.
Acne Jeans
Who should buy it? Another must for denim fans.
The philosophy behind the brand: As a part of the creative collective Acne based in the US, Acne Jeans started in 1997 when the company designed 100 pairs of jeans distributed to friends, family and clients. Soon, several stores and boutiques started to clamor for its trademark design, with its bright-red stitching on raw denim materials. Today, the label unites innovative jeans styles with a versatile wardrobe for men and women, ranging from basic cotton T-shirts to tailored jackets to luxurious accessories and shoes. While every collection forms a concept, each piece can be worn separately and effortlessly be mixed with other cool finds.
What to look out for: Currently available in Blackjack (#01-10 Forum the Shopping Mall, 583 Orchard Rd., 6735-0975), Ace Jeans is a must for the young and restless looking for basic pieces that ooze attitude.
Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair
Who should buy it? Those who like classic cuts and exquisite tailoring.
The philosophy behind the brand: Swedish label Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair finds inspiration in conserving tradition as well as breaking those same norms. The label is inspired by an old shoemakers shop in London that has gone from generation to generation passing on knowledge in craftsmanship and traditions. But to make it current as well, streamlined looks are embellished with up-to-date cotton fabrics.
What to look out for: This men’s and women’s collection has grown more defined and holds a range of experimental high fashion items. The androgynous stroke is always present in the collection, so expect classic shirting, thin cotton knits, lustrous wool chintz, thin jerseys, leather and nylon, just to name a few. Available from Actually.
Rock & Republic
Who should buy it? Those who like Hollywood glamour with a street edge.
The philosophy behind the brand: One of the hottest labels in LA today, Rock & Republic is synonymous with innovative style, sex appeal and edgy sophistication. The brand, still relatively unknown here, is dubbed one of the edgiest labels in the luxe/high fashion industry, and it’s not hard to see why. With the notion that everyone deserves to dress like a rock star, head designer Michael Ball imbues his designs with a consistent rebellious streak. Take, for example, The Tailor Made Rock & Republic line, which emphasizes on sleek contours and long lean lines. Its perfect fitting trousers exude sex appeal, while the impeccably tailored blazers ooze femininity. Ooh la la.
What to look out for: Everything about the collection screams sex, sex and more sex. Even the men can get some with the ladies at Inhabit (#B1-03 Palais Renaissance, 390 Orchard Rd., 6235-6995).