Street Swagger

The Autumn/Winter 2011 collection sees a mixture of trends for the cool cats out there. Washed out jeans (from $49.90) are themed with checkered shirts (from $39.90) producing a rustic lumberjack look for the upcoming season. Also check out every rocker’s fashion wet dream with their range of leather military jackets (from $89.90) and wool jerseys (from $39.90).
#B2-09/10/11 ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, 6509-8708.
Raw, rebellious and eccentric; these are the attitudes evident in the Korean label’s latest Autumn/Winter collection. With inspiration from cartoons and an unbounded sophistication, designer Jei Kim imbues these pieces with a real sense of playfulness. Leggings with planetary prints ($210), exaggerated silhouettes shaped on shoulder of dresses ($135), tops (from $59) and shoes (from $150) make this collection as street worthy as it is unique.
Actually…, 29A Seah St., 6336-7298.
Juun J. x KIROIC
These are the kind of sneakers that’ll stop people in their tracks. Chinese designer Kim Kiroic combines futuristic design ideas with an ergonomic slant that speaks to those hungry for up-scale sneakers with a tangible sense of comfort. The Transformable Warrior collection (from $458), for example, transforms into a sandal when unzipped—ingenious.
ActuallyActually, #02-01, 16 Purvis St., 6336-7298.
Pull & Bear
The stylized themes for Pull & Bear’s latest collection will leave the discerning shopper spoilt for choice. With masculine influences for ladies, try on the themed riding pants (from $19.90), jackets (from $59.90) and matching waistcoats for an old English street look—a must for the dandy and daring.
#B2-08 ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, 6238-7655.