Top Denim Collections for Spring/Summer 2013

Uniqlo Ultra Stretch 

Skinny jeans aren’t always the most comfortable, but Uniqlo is saying otherwise with its new Ultra Stretch Jeans for women ($69.90). They feature a revolutionary fabric with 40 percent stretch and 90 percent shape retention. That means you can possibly handle a few yoga poses in one without ripping it apart or expanding its shape. With a snug fit, these jeans also enhance your silhouette, allegedly giving you a tauter butt and trimmer, longer gams. The latest collection features a range of eight colors including burgundy, green and blue amid the dark hues.

Replay Social Denim

Social media addicts, this one’s for you. Italian denim label Replay has launched the first Social Denim (from $379), jeans fitted with a Bluetooth device that allows you to update your social networks on the go. How it works: Pair the transmitter with your smartphone via a dedicated app, then you’re ready to broadcast your location and moods. There are eight different mood settings, from positive to negative to choose from. Made to allow for simple, immediate interaction, the Social Denim may sound a tad gimmicky, but it’s the first of its kind and could well lead the fashion pack into creating more connected clothing in the future. Available from March 2013, at Bread & Butter.

Levi’s Waste<Less

Another mass label pursuing the cause of sustainability is Levi’s. The denim stalwart recently introduced the new Waste<Less denim collection, which incorporates the use of polyethylene terephthalate materials (or PET plastic). Bottles and food trays collected through US recycling programs are sorted by color, crushed into flakes and made into polyester fibers. Then, these fibers are blended with cotton fibers, which are finally woven with traditional cotton yarn to create denim. The Spring 2013 collection (from $99.90—so it’s easy on your plastic too) utilized over 3.5 million recycled bottles, with each product containing about 20 percent post-consumer recycled content.

[FLASHBACK] Nudie Jeans Organic Denim

In 2006, Nudie Jeans made a commitment to have a 100 percent organic denim collection, and the label’s folks have succeeded in reaching that goal for Fall/Winter 2012. “We had to start from scratch, change the way we work, and, together with our suppliers, develop our very own organic fabrics,” explains founder and creative director Maria Erixon Levin. The collection (from $69), exclusively stocked at The Denim Store, includes T-shirts, shirts, outerwear and, of course, dry and washed jeans. If you’re a denim lover, choose its signature drys (from $259) and spend at least six months without washing to break them in. What you get after half a year of abuse is a well-worn pair that speaks of your own adventures and habits—something that even the most sophisticated technology can’t replicate.  

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