Next NEXT’s PhenOmena; The Face Hunter comes to A Curious Teepee

I had the opportunity to witness probably one of the worst catwalk shows this year at the PhenOmena fashion showcase in Millenia Walk two weeks ago. Fine, the clothes themselves, by newbie local brands like The Knights’ Ride, WanderWonder, Shito and Twenty2Seven, among many others, were actually tolerable (although none were truly interesting), but it was the heat that truly got to me. Staged outdoors near the waterfall area with zero air-conditioning, editors, industry players and style bloggers were sweating it out throughout the hour-long proceeding, fanning ourselves with the press releases that we’d been handed before being ushered to our front row seats with spotlights shining right into our faces—very glamorous. It would have been fine if the clothes were fantastic; but noooooo, they were mostly over-designed with cutesy Illustrations or under-designed with predictable cuts and fabric mixes that echo the high-street labels’. Still, the fashion show is still a good platform (any platform is good these days) for younger designers to show off their creations. Find out for yourself if the clothes are worth buying or bitching about at Parco Next NEXT, #P2-31 Parco, Millenia Walk, 9 Raffles Blvd., 6545-9118.
It’s not all bad news though. I am really excited about new lifestyle store cum café/bar A Curious Teepee (#02-04 Scape, 2 Orchard Link, 6820-1680) which opens Dec 16., Next NEXT’s PhenOmena; The Face Hunter comes to A Curious Teepee The ex-Camp Pong space is the brainchild of the perennially hip creative consultant and entrepreneur Tracy Phillips, who will be stocking small furniture pieces, interior design knick knacks, curios, clothes and even artwork at the store. To launch the space, famed street style photographer Yvan Rodic aka Face Hunter will be holding a workshop and Q&A session where he will be talking to the public about his inspirations and influences. Log onto!/acuriousteepee to register and be part of the fun. I’ll be there with a couple of questions myself.
I am also pretty curious about the fashion show to be held along Haji Lane on Dec 10, 6:30-8:30pm, staged by the good folks at Victoria Jomo Designers. Singapore-based Indonesian designer Tilly Soelistyo will be showing off her versatile Little Red Dress which can apparently be transformed into 10 different looks. Will the models be traipsing and falling on their faces while they’re trying to change into different styles as they’re parading on the streets? Who knows. But it certainly sounds fun as Haji Lane is definitely one of the cooler venues to hold a fashion show (why didn’t anyone come up with this idea earlier?), plus guests will be treated to free cocktails and canapés before and after the show. RSVP to [email protected] to secure a place.