What to do in Everton Park (other than eat)

The noveau-quaint neighborhood might not yet have exploded in terms of retail or non-food options, but there are still some cool places shoring up. Here’s what else you can do there now.

Guys and girls can both get pretty

As if the neighborhood couldn’t get any more happening, old-school barbershop A Few Good Men opened in January to up its cool-quotient even further. It’s a mix between new-school old-school barbershops like The Hounds of the Baskervilles or the Sultans of Shave and traditionally (some would say properly) old-school barbershops (think the neighborhood spots with 80s music posters and bright spartan interiors). Done by (and just two doors down from) the folks at The Redundant Shop, A Few Good Men aims to replicate the convivial atmosphere of these places. Prices start at $15-$20 for a shave and $25-$35 for a haircut.
Beauty by Kew is a ladies-only “beauty bar” that focuses on organic treatments and products. They’re the local stockist for cult brands like Black Chicken Remedies from Australia and Canada’s Yum Gourmet Skincare. Facials there start at $90 for a 60-min Organic Deep Pore Cleansing Facial, and go up to $260 for an anti-wrinkle Cucumber Apple Mint Engergizing RF Facial and $650 for their top-end Factional Skin Resurfacing Treatment Facial.

Pick up leather goods and leatherworking skills

Cool Everton wouldn’t be complete without a bike shop, and this nondescript-seeming place is theirs. You’ll see their Papillionaire bikes parked outside the cafes and shops in the area, but that’s not what Jotter Book is primarily about—twin brothers Joe and Clive Chow run a leatherworking studio called Second Kings out of the space, and you’ll find a selection of their handcrafted small leather goods ($80 onwards) and tote bags ($89-$120) in the store. They also make a small range of aprons ($89) that are very popular with Malaysian cafes (but, oddly enough, not Singaporean ones), and even hold leather craft workshops ($89-$99) there.

Get some stuff for the kitchen

Of course, no trait better defines a neighborhood’s hip-ness than the availability of artisanal, hand-roasted coffee. Nylon Coffee Roasters has been in Everton long enough to be considered a pioneer, and they’re a very focused place—there are just three seats and one long, communal standing table for patrons. The coffee is excellent, of course, but they also stock a range of coffee brewing accessories. From bean grinders ($75) to pocket weighing scales ($26.50-$50) to filters, scoops and coffee drinkware ($7-$32) and, of course their coffee beans ($18-$20.50), you’ll find everything you need to make a similarly-serious cuppa at home.
Health food shop Eden’s Kitchen is a huge proponent of superfoods that are easily included in your diet. They’ve got a range of premium, locally-processed coconut oils ($9-$75) and organic green teas from Japan ($18-$96), as well as snacks like cocoa nibs and nut butters.

Pepper your coffee table/wardrobe with chic touches

Taking its name from things that are overlooked and therefore redundant, multi-label (and multi-category) store The Redundant Shop has also been in Everton for a while. Imagine a Monocle-style store, but without the borderline-absurd price points. You’ll find a whole range of personal accessories here: Protesta jewelry ($79-$88), Cote & Ciel bags ($239-$399) and Bellroy wallets; books, homeware and stationery (like Field Notes notebooks); even Vanmoof bicycles ($1,188-$3,888) and those trendy helmets that look like slightly-oversized hats. Oh, and magazines like Apartmento ($33.90) and (of course) Monocle.