5 places to get your Halloween costume in Singapore

Whether you’re going as Taylor Swift, the Bride of Frankenstein or a slutty nurse, your Halloween costume has to be perfect. Here are some of the best places around town to get it, ranging from giant, messy warehouses to nerdy little Trekkie shops. Better get started now. 

Customade Costume

Although it’s in an unconventional location, Customade Costumes does need the vast space of an industrial estate to house its 50,000 costumes and 4,000 accessories. There are also a few fitting rooms to try on costumes, and the staff knows where nearly everything is kept. Some costumes may be slightly damaged, but there are always a few more similar pieces in the store; all you have to do is ask. Renting a costume here costs from about $60 to $90, including a $50 deposit.

Costumes ‘N’ Parties

This is the place for Star Wars fans, Trekkies, and those who love classic TV show and comic book characters. Choose from Darth Vade to The Joker, or dress as Captain America if you prefer to be a hero. There is also the option of coming as a Transformer (not sure how you’ll be able to drink through the costume, though). Prices range from $60-$95 costumes, although you’ll have to shell out more for their premium costumes on the site.

Global Mascot 

While the name seems deceiving, this company stocks many of the classic Halloween looks you’ll see at some parties. The website is in need of a makeover, so we suggest heading over to their outlet at Lavender Street to choose from what they have. This shop is also cheaper than the first two options, so those on a budget should probably consider shopping here. Renting a costume costs $50 for three days.


If you’d like to win best-dressed at a Halloween party, this is probably the place you’d go to. Moephoesis is known for making costumes for some of Singapore’s staged plays, so the staff is meticulous enough to include as much detail into your costumes, including wigs, headpieces, jewellery, props and all kinds of accessories. If that isn’t enough, ask for personal styling—be warned; it’s going to cost. Prices range form $90-$200 depending on the costume.