A timeless collab by August Berg and Morris & Co.

What happens when a renowned Danish watchmaker meets an iconic design house as influential as Morris & Co.? If the recent August Berg X Morris & Co. collab is anything to go by, we'd say only good things happen.

Collabs may have been proliferating, but not many have been able to make us stop and pay attention the way this one has. The two brands have come together to combine their knowledge and craftsmanship, offering a new line of timepieces that fans of either (or both) will love.

This new collection features 16 pieces that are a makeup of different variants of dials, straps and of course, designs. The legendary motifs of William Morris (1834-1896), who first founded Morris & Co., are immediately recognizable on these watch faces. The designs and textures are based on Morris' beloved works like Pimpernel, Strawberry Thief and Forest, making them instant statement pieces.

Printed on the August Berg dial (available in 30mm or 38mm) and coming in colours ranging from rose gold to silver, the collection is also highly customizable and varied. The straps come in options like crimson and indigo too, among others, allowing you to truly choose and fit the style to your liking.

We especially love the perlon straps. They not only look good, boasting invisible strap holes for a clean, minimalistic look, but are highly comfortable as well, making them viable as everyday wear.

That's not all. Taking personalisation a step further is the engraving service they provide. Every August Berg watch can be engraved with a personal message on the back casing, making it the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Being a collection of timepieces that is not only crafted by skillful workmanship, but also embellished with a design statement that has literally stood the test of time (of more than a century, in fact), the August Berg X Morris & Co. collab is easily a top choice when it comes to thoughtful gifting ideas this year.

Get your hands on the August Berg X Morris & Co. collection here. Prices start from $289. More info here.