Grab everything from boba nougat biscuits to bubble milk tea seaweed

The local bubble tea craze is undeniable. It may have very well seen its peak two months ago when the physical sale of bubble tea was prevented as part of our government-mandated circuit breaker measures, which resulted in a sudden, overwhelming demand for BBT during the night of the announcement. And while you may be able to attain your bubble tea fix freely in Phase 2, why not show your favourite beverage more love by trying some interesting boba-inspired snacks? From bubble milk tea ice cream to seaweed, here are some of the most bizarre BBT products around.

Boba Nougat Biscuit

A sweet yet savoury bubble tea bite, the Boba Nougat Biscuit offers bits of boba sandwiched between two pieces of buttery biscuits. To truly enjoy it in all its glory, remove the wrapper and pop the pieces in the microwave oven for just 15 seconds to allow the milk tea filling to melt into sticky, nougat goodness.

Bubble Milk Tea Mochi

Combining everyone’s love for boba and sweet mochi is the Bubble Milk Tea Mochi hailing directly from the BBT motherland itself. Packed inside each soft piece of rice cake is the unmistakable taste of pearls and milk tea flavour, which is bound to tickle the fancy of every tea drinker.

Bubble Milk Tea Seaweed

Probably the most bizarre item on this list, the Bubble Milk Tea Seaweed will definitely raise some eyebrows. But don’t think of it as an odd, unsavoury snack just bursting with milk tea tang. The new
product by Thailand-hailing label Tao Kae Noi actually features its signature roasted seaweed strips dusted with a light coating of powdered milk tea. Disgusting or delicious? You be the judge.

Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream

Now this is an increasingly popular dessert among Singaporeans. Boasting bits of black tapioca pearls amid the creamy popsicle, the Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream is guaranteed to satisfy anyone who isn’t over the brown sugar boba trend. If you have yet to try it, order a pack that comes with four sticks per box.

Bubble Tea Popcorn

Not as much of a controversial snack as the bubble tea seaweed, Crusty’s Bubble Tea Popcorn has already gained some traction in Asia. With just a hint of milk tea flavour, this snack is pretty addictive—it is popcorn afterall. Doesn’t hurt that the product is halal-certified either, so everyone can enjoy this one.