7 local beauty brands worth splashing your cash on

No matter how highly raved the Fenty longwear foundation or Mario Badescu’s seemingly flawless potions are, the fact remains that Western beauty brands don’t always work for us. Sometimes all we need is someone who is familiar with every crevice and fibre of our Southeast Asian cell, and pledges to bring forth what really works. For your next beauty haul, here are some local brands you should check out.


All skin is different, and should be treated as such. Alcheme offers bespoke skincare products that range from targeting acne scars to dull skin. Formulated with botanical concentrates and vitamins, every ingredient has a traceable origin so you know exactly what you’re putting on your face. Unsure of which customised combo you should get? Don’t worry, as they provide customers with an online consultation that tells you all you need to know about your skin.

Alcheme is available online.

Allies of Skin

, 7 local beauty brands worth splashing your cash on

One cannot compile a list of homegrown beauty labels without mentioning Allies of Skin, the brand that started out with one single collagen product and seemingly raised hell in the local beauty community overnight. Now, Allies of Skin boasts a growing range of products that have infiltrated the skincare regimens of 15 countries around the world with concoctions that help with hyperpigmentation, hydration and blemish-clearance.

Allies of Skin is available online and at Sephora.


At Awe’ra, a step towards sweet-smelling hair is also a step in the right direction for the freedom of the enslaved across the globe. Specialising in essential oils that are beneficial to the hair and soul, Awe’ra takes the guilt off your purchases, with a percentage of the earnings going to non-profit organisation A21 that runs a campaign fighting against human trafficking worldwide.

Awe’ra is now available online. More information on A21 here.


In this case of #UltimateCoupleGoals, Eric Tan watched his wife struggle with sensitive and acne-prone skin after an IVF procedure, which made skincare extremely frustrating for her. Eric then decided to create an entire skincare line inspired by her, for her. Love story aside, Iren hosts a whole spectrum of serums that zero down on various concerns such as acne, ageing and whitening.

Iren is available online.

Shophouse Sixtyfive

, 7 local beauty brands worth splashing your cash on

Step aside, boring mint-flavoured lip balms. Shophouse Sixtyfive lets you order your preferred balm of choice the way you would a drink at your favourite kopitiam. On the menu are Kopi-O, Honeydew Sago, Bandung, and the very aptly named Lip balm Kosong, one that’s made without any sweetener or colourants. Their products are in high demand, so expect the balms to be snapped up fast.

Shophouse Sixtyfive is available online.

Sigi Skin

A crucial rule in Korean skincare is to never overload your skin with too many products, lest chemicals in the products overwhelm delicate skin. Thus, skip care was born, au natural and in direct contradiction to the 11-step routine. The concept of Sigi Skin revolves around that—multi-purpose products that do double the functions of their shelf counterparts. They’ve got sunscreens that double up as moisturisers, eye creams that can be used to rejuvenate on the lips; plus being friendly on the wallet never hurts.

Sigi Skin is available online.

Skin Inc.

Sabrina Tan brought upon a whole new world of solutions and opportunities when she founded Skin Inc., the first conscious skin supplement bar the world has ever seen. Practising her hand at facials at the tender age of nine, Sabrina is confident in her craft, and the success of her My Daily Dose serums back her expertise.

Skin Inc. is available online and at outlets here.