Coffee bean subscription services are proliferating in Singapore

Craving for more than just the kopi siu dai from the coffee shop around the corner? Or are you a serious home brewer looking for decent beans? Whatever your caffeine habit, these Singapore coffee bean e-commerce sites lets you stock up on quality stuff from all over the world, with a selection of blends to make your toes curl. 


, Coffee bean subscription services are proliferating in Singapore
Joe Curious


Bringing famed Melbourne coffee shops like Seven SeedsIndustry Beans and Market Lane closer to fans here, this e-commerce platform is where you can shop for fancy coffee beans from 14 of the coffee capital’s most popular cafes. Besides retailing the cafes’ signature blends, the site also has a changing selection of single origin beans from coffee farms all over the world—shoppers can choose from over 60 blends developed for both espresso and filter prep methods. There’s a flat shipping rate of $10 per order (stuff is shipped from Melbourne once a week), but from now till Jun 5, it’s free delivery for all orders. From $14-27. 


This coffee subscription site sources sustainably grown and ethically produced beans from places like Kenya, Ethiopia and Colombia, with the aim to adopt a 100% Direct Trade practice. But socially-concious speak aside, they have delicious blends that come with interesting monikers: Hakuna Matata (Kenya), a medium roast with notes of blackcurrant macarons, vanilla and caramel; the Peara Peara (Antioquia, Colombia), a medium roast that resembles poached pears and dark chocolate sauce, and Guji Liay (East Sidamo, Ethiopia), which has nuances of Meyer lemon meringue pie. There are blends suitable for espresso, drip, Aeropress, French press and stove top options, and coffee drip bags for those who prefer a quick fix. All blends (250g) are at $18 nett.

Joe Curious

While Cafebond is all about Melbourne’s best coffee (for now), Joe Curious offers a monthly subscription to a selection of beans from renowned international roasters. Subscribers get a “mystery” bundle comprising a choice of filter/espresso roast beans, with tasting notes, details of its origin,and brewing information, as well as recipes and tips. The service also has starter kits with Aeropress ($161), French press ($159) and Cold Brew ($169) options that come with an AeroPress coffee maker, a French press device or a cold brew bottle, a mini coffee grinder and a drip scale. $30 per month. 


If you’re a stickler for the most recently roasted beans possible, check this out.  Offering ethically grown coffee, Perk sources their beans from developing regions in Africa and South America, and hand roast their beans in small batches here in Singapore, and orders are delivered within 48 hours of roasting—subscribers have the option to customize how they’d like their beans done. They can also choose between a Duo Taster Pack (two different coffees in 125g packs) or a Solo Pack (250g). From $17.90 for a Solo Pack to $18.90 for a Duo Taster Pack.