The newly revamped Paragon store will have a CAFE&Meal section serving hot and cold deli dishes, drinks and desserts.

Better late than never—at last, fans of zen-zeitgeist Muji can have their pick of simple Japanese-fusion deli bites at the lifestyle brand's 1,300 sq.ft. cafe space. So step aside IKEA meatballs, because CAFE&Meal MUJI (#04-36 Paragon Shopping Centre) officially opens this Saturday (Sep 5) and on the menu are a selection of items like salads, baked bak kut teh with honey glaze, fried chicken with sweet chili mayonnaise and saba with sweet and spicy miso sauce and a choice of white rice or bread.

There are sweets like cakes and puddings, and hot and cold drinks such as coffee, jasmine tea, matcha latte, iced yuzu squash and iced ginger ale. It's also a self-service concept, which means returning trays and cutleries, IKEA-style. We are not quite sure if famished diners would find the portions palatable, but it's a good option for tea time.

Prices range from $3.90 for a cup of hot coffee, $5 for a single deli dish, $12.90 for a selection of three deli dishes and $16.90 for a selection of four deli dishes—both options come with a choice of rice or bread.