Fastest fingers first

F1 fanatics, you know the drill. Come this weekend, ticket holders will be angling for the best views at the F1 circuit while the party animals will be painting the town red, knocking back drinks at the best parties in town. Then there’s the rest of us, who prefer to be ensconced in the comfort of our own homes, with our eardrums intact and away from the gyrating fired-up crowds. But FOMO will see that we are camped in front of our TV sets, feverish with anticipation, watching the action with no risk of getting Champagne spilled on us. 

Speaking of Champagne, all you homebodies are in luck. Some 750ml-sized Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial Champagne will be up for grabs at just $12 per bottle, on race day Sep 16. It'll even be delivered to your doorstep, thanks to Deliveroo. This unmissable one-time deal will be available only on the Tipsy Tapas (Deliveroo Katong Editions) menu. Meaning only east-siders get to enjoy it. It goes live at 8pm when the race starts, and will be available until the finale at 10pm, whilst stocks last.

Remember, you and all other east-siders will be waiting for the deal to drop. So get that Deliveroo app ready and keep your fingers glued to the phone screen on race night. May the best man win.