High-functioning and fashionable: Enro’s perfect face masks

Almost two years into battling a global pandemic, most of us have pretty much gotten used to the prevalence of face masks in our daily lives. As we come to terms with living within safety standards, many have started adorning masks of various novel designs. From colourful to the hilarious, face masks have slowly but surely started asserting their presence as a fashion statement in their own right.

As masks continue popping up all over to meet this new demand, we explore just what it takes to make a mask, the mask, and why Enro just might be the perfect face mask on the market right now.

Filter capability

, High-functioning and fashionable: Enro’s perfect face masks

The bread and butter of protective face masks, a mask’s ability to filter harmful substances literally determines how well it serves its basic purpose. Face masks are graded on how well they prevent bacteria, airborne particles, and fluids from passing through. Measured in micrometres (microns), most quality filters boast the ability to trap and block bacteria as small as 3 microns, and particles as small as 2.5 microns. Masks that efficiently filter particles at 2.5 microns, for example, are labelled PM 2.5.

Enro delivers the highest levels of protection with built-in PM 0.1 filtration layers—the highest-grade particle filter in the market. They are also ASTM Level 2 certified, efficiently filtering more than 98% of bacteria and viruses at 3 microns, and all come with an additional layer of Silvadur antimicrobial fabric finish to keep the mask’s surface always free of contaminants.

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, High-functioning and fashionable: Enro’s perfect face masks

Having a mask on as we carry out our affairs surely makes everything seem harder than usual. With those additional layers to breathe through, much effort has been put into developing masks that allow wearers to breathe more easily. The easier to breathe, the better.

Enro’s ultra-lightweight tech masks are 3x lighter than other triple-layer masks on the market and at least 50% lighter than other reusable masks, making them not only extra comfortable but also extra breathable. In fact, they’re so light that exercising and breathing feel as if you’re not wearing one!


, High-functioning and fashionable: Enro’s perfect face masks

Having face masks on as a regular part of our daily outfits has made it increasingly commonplace, almost necessary even, to consider the part they play in our dressing and physical aesthetics. They have become accessories that present different accents to our “OOTDs”, adding flavour and personality to our look, even with half our faces covered—they have become essential tools to express ourselves.

To that, Enro has answered with over 70 different vivid colours and prints to match your style or pull off any mood.

Dive into their extensive range of designs to find the one that best fit your vibe. 


, High-functioning and fashionable: Enro’s perfect face masks

Looking for masks that fit comfortably for an entire family can be a particularly frustrating task: more often than not, we’re unable to find sizes from the same company that fit the entire spectrum of our family’s size differences. Even with the promise of varying sizes, there just doesn’t seem to have enough options in between to find the ones that fit us perfectly.

Thankfully, Enro comes in 6 sizes, covering options for little children all the way up to adults of all sizes.


, High-functioning and fashionable: Enro’s perfect face masks

As obvious as it may seem, durability is a frequently underappreciated factor when considering face masks. Especially when we put our reusable “fashion statement” masks into the equation, being able to rough it out and stay mint after repeated uses and washes is paramount.

Tested and proven, Enro masks maintain their functional efficiency even after going through 100 machine washes. By maintaining the same level of performance even after 100 washing cycles, they proudly outperform other reusable masks on the market.

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