Interview: Covet Crystals Jewelry founder Shu shares her inspiration as an artist and how she helms her own label

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Some may raise eyebrows at the mention of crystal healing, but donning crystal jewellery is also a fashion statement for 39-year-old artist Shu, who founded her own premium crystal healing jewellery label, Covet Crystals Jewelry.

Launched as an online boutique in 2017, the homegrown brand has grown from strength to strength, utilising only top quality crystals in order to meet the local demand for stylish crystal accessories.

With an aim of promoting positive energy for physical and emotional wellbeing, the crystals and gemstones are carefully curated during the creative process. This results in harmonious, artistic pieces, boasting visual appeal as well as healing properties.

, Interview: Covet Crystals Jewelry founder Shu shares her inspiration as an artist and how she helms her own label

Covet Crystals Jewelry’s own selection process has also been simplified. Sorted into three categories including chakras, intentions and gems, shoppers are able to find options that cater to their preferences—be it crystal healing or stylistic purposes. On the brand website, all are free to browse the accessories that are organised into ranges like the aforementioned categories, plus others such as colours, collections and even jewellery types.

Constantly growing and evolving, Covet Crystals Jewelry has also rolled out a men’s line, designed specifically for the modern male by artist and founder Shu as well. As a matter of fact, Covet Crystals Jewelry is able to cater to all shapes and sizes. With most wearable items made to order, shoppers’ measurements are taken into account and tailored exclusively.

“My newest collection is the Femininity series. Inspired by my love and respect for women, the bracelets are meant to manifest desired traits including confidence, love and beauty,” Shu shares.

“I love combining my passion for fashion with my research of crystal healing. I call myself an artist, not a jeweller. That’s because I design my pieces, but I don’t make the hardware.” 

As a strong, female businesswoman who isn’t afraid to embrace vulnerability while contesting challenges, Shu also wears many other hats. In speaking to SG Magazine, she discusses her inspiration as an artist, how locals can support businesses like hers, and more.

Check out our interview with Shu below.

, Interview: Covet Crystals Jewelry founder Shu shares her inspiration as an artist and how she helms her own label

What inspired Covet Crystals Jewelry?
My mother passed away from pancreatic cancer when I was five months pregnant with my first child. Left in a state of depression and grief, I began sourcing for help in order to remain strong for my child. As I looked into holistic healing methods, I stumbled across crystal healing.

My journey with crystal healing began, but as I scoured local retail shops and even online stores, I could not find crystal jewellery that appealed to me. I then started carrying crystals and stones in my pockets and bags to aid in my healing process. But after two years of doing so, I was done lugging around the stones and decided to tap into my Fine Arts education to create jewellery for myself that would allow crystal healing while still being fashionable. That’s how Covet Crystals Jewelry was born.

What inspires you as an artist?
Many things inspire me, but if I were to pinpoint strong influences, it would be fashion and vintage jewellery. Fashion is my passion, and I truly enjoy dressing up, styling my friends and sharing fashion tips I’ve learnt over the years.

Aside from aesthetics, I’m also very influenced by my feelings. As an artist, I am a naturally emotional person. Since I started my journey with crystal healing, I also learnt to acknowledge my feelings instead of bottling them up as I did before.

How often are you creating new jewellery?
A new piece and/or a new collection can take anywhere from days to months. There are times where I’m so inspired, I complete more than one piece at a go. But there are other times where I go through a creative drought and take months to complete just one item. These days, I don’t force new collections or pieces, I let my creative juices flow freely and design when I am inspired.

How can us Singaporeans support local businesses like yours?
I focus on creating good products and being aware of the local market. I hope that my fellow Singaporeans can actually understand the thought and quality of my art, and be receptive to locally-made goods.

Covet Crystals Jewelry is just one local brand. Together with other like-minded, fashion forward brands, I hope to make a difference here and remain proudly Singaporean.

Is Covet Crystals Jewelry a one-woman show?
Yes. At the moment, I work mostly alone. But I’m also looking to build a small team and have hopes to expand the business and champion fashion as well as mental wellness.

What do you hope your customers will take away from their Covet Crystal Jewelry purchases?
When my customers purchase a Covet Crystal Jewelry item, they become proud owners of a piece of original art. All Covet Crystal Jewelry pieces are original designs and handmade by me.

Covet Crystal Jewelry are, of course, made with natural crystals and gemstones set to the intention of crystal healing, which makes them all the more special and meaningful. With that, the ladies who shop my jewellery brand are actually able to purchase pieces that really resonate with them.

I hope that their jewellery pieces become a reminder of strength, commitment and determination.

Finally, what does a day in your life look like?
I definitely juggle between looking after my children, chauffeuring them for school or classes, doing creative work, attending supplier meetings or work meetings and completing orders for my jewellery label.

More information about Covet Crystals Jewelry available here.