You can't go wrong if you go classic

Choosing a bottle of vino can be hard. Whether you're picking one for yourself or to bring to a dinner party, there's always a list of considerations to be had. Red or white? Light or full bodied? Merlot or Shiraz?

Making it that much easier for you to pick one off the shelf (and not go too wrong while you're at it) is the aptly named Classics, a new range of wines now available at Marks & Spencer. Launched in September, the collection is created in partnership with winemakers from around the world, featuring classic (thus the name) takes on the wine styles and regions we know and love.

This means each bottle is meant to be a good representative of that particular style and source region, making them great choices for those looking to have a taste of what they should be like.

Pick from 18 different labels featured in the initial collection, including a fresh and fruity Côtes de Provence rosé from the south of France, to a light, crisp Pinot Grigio from northern Italy, to a bold and juicy Rioja from Spain. All priced between $34.90 to $79.90, each bottle promises great value for what they offer.

And since you're shopping at Marks & Spencer, get food pairings to go with your vino too. If getting the fruity and citrusy Riesling, they recommend pairing it with robust or spicy dishes like fried noodles and curry. Or if getting the Burgundy Pinot Noir, that's soft with hints of ripe cherry, pair it with meats like roast pork belly or duck rillette.

Most of the labels from the September release features picks from Old World regions, with 16 more being added to the collection later this year from New World regions.

Whether you're just starting your wine journey or are a oenophile looking for a dependable option for everyday drinking, the Classics collection will sort you out nicely.

The new Classics wine collection is available at Marks & Spencer Foodhalls and on the M&S Singapore app. More info here.