MYE transforms discarded plastic bottles into high-performance athleisure outfits

With the global fitness and wellness trend in full swing, athleisure outfits are here to stay. After all, there’s plenty of convenience in a put-together workout look that can take you from the gym to a nearby cafe to catch up with friends. But perhaps there’s one thing better than activewear, and that’s sustainable activewear.

Enter MYE, a newly launched sustainable activewear label in Singapore, which has just debuted its first collection of high-performance workout gear made from discarded plastic bottles—perfect for those who want to look good, feel good and do good.


The newly launched line boasting athleisure staples has recycled around 4,500 plastic bottles into luxurious workout clothes.

Determined to make a difference with gym and sports essentials, the brand creates sports bras, leggings and shorts exclusively from 100 percent post-consumer recycled PET plastics. A MYE workout set could essentially be produced from up to 19 recycled plastic bottles.

Breathing new life into plastic waste, MYE’s recycled activewear also requires an estimated 60 percent less energy and 94 percent less water to make, releasing approximately 32 percent less carbon dioxide than its virgin polyester counterparts.


Furthermore, MYE’s commitment to sustainability also extends to other aspects of its business. In fact, MYE plants a tree with One Tree Planted for every order placed. The brand also manufactures in small batches and ships its orders in 100 percent plastic-free packaging.

If anything, MYE easily proves that activewear made from recycled materials can be sexy and of top quality, since all its pieces are designed and crafted for all sports activities.

Says Mai Takemori, founder of MYE: “Let's face it: the fashion industry is far from kind to the environment. While we can't give up clothes completely, we can embrace more sustainable alternatives. With MYE, we want to encourage our community to shop better. We want to offer a workout wardrobe you could sweat in, again and again, that's as supportive for lunges as it is comfortable for lunches—all while being kind to the planet. There’s no better time than now to take a stance so let's build a brighter future—together."

Shop MYE’s first-ever collection here.