Rockstar on Orchard is closing

Local multi-label retailer Rockstar (by Soon Lee) has decided to close their second store in April this year, in order to focus on their online retail operations. Since opening just over a year ago, the store at 22 Orchard Road breathed some life into the previously-dead zone between Plaza Singapura and The Cathay.

We’ll miss the trademark laid-back vibe and cooly curated products they brought to the area, but fret not as their Cineleisure store will remain open and will continue to feature their selection of products, pop-ups and events.

It’s not all bad news, thoughbefore they close the Orchard 22 store, Rockstar will organize a warehouse sale there. Expect to see markdowns of up to 90% from March onwards, keep your eyes on their Facebook page to find out when exactly it’ll happen.