It’s the random rebrand you didn’t know you needed

Phoon Huat—one of those brands every Singaporean grew up with, but probably took for granted all through childhood. It’s only when you needed to start stocking up on baking supplies to be a Responsible Adult did you realise the wonders within the magical store. 30 types of aluminium foil tins? Sign us up.

But the household brand is no longer just a baking supplies haven. Late last month, Phoon Huat unveiled an all-new direction towards more premium offerings, as well as a refreshed brick-and-mortar concept. Phoon Huat Deli has been around since 2015, though previously known as PH Delicatessen and in an under-the-radar space at Clementi. There, you could pick up competitively priced meat cuts and seafood.

The new direction, however, sees a huge jump in its offerings. In its new space within RedMan at Star Vista, look forward to Japanese sashimi, artisanal cheeses, cured meats, and international produce at affordable prices. For the premium meats, you can now get quality imports including A5-grade Miyazaki wagyu, Mishima Reserve beef from USA, and Iberico pork from Spain; while the seafood section proffers sustainably farmed salmon from Norway, Bluefin tuna from Japan, as well as the freshest European shellfish.

In addition, there’s a ready-to-eat menu available for lunch and dinner takeaways, which should prove handy for office folks working in the vicinity. Get sushi and sashimi platters from $2.88, and Japanese donburi from $9.88. Selected items from the sashimi deli are available for home delivery via Deliveroo, but you’ll be able to have anything and everything else at the Deli delivered to you via their brand new online store here. Think truffles to caviar to pasta, oils, dips and more, in addition to all the meat and seafood you can imagine. Now if only they’d combine their two stores so we can order in caviar with our baking flour.

Phoon Huat Deli is located at #B1-14/15, RedMan at Star Vista, and is open 10am-10pm daily. More information available here.