No meal deals yet, but fingers crossed

Every broke student abroad or tourist-on-a-budget will know the struggle of dining and cooking in the UK. The one beacon of hope in a country of overpriced groceries and an unyielding currency? Sainsbury’s—the second largest chain of supermarkets in the UK, and a crowd favorite for its prices that don’t forsake quality or health. No London experience is quite complete without a trip to Sainsbury’s; and now, you’ll be able to get your own bag of the British groceries here.

As of Aug 29, the brand has partnered with local online supermarket RedMart to bring in about 320 products exclusively to shoppers in Singapore. Of the selection, there are five of the retailer’s most popular ranges: by Sainsbury’s, the core food range; So Organic, which offers food from farms and producers that practice high animal welfare standards; Deliciously FreeFrom, for products free from gluten, wheat, milk, egg, nut and soya; the premium food range Taste the Difference; and Sainsbury’s Little Ones, a dedicated baby and toddler range. Like with all other RedMart products, you place your order via the website or app, and can get your order within a two-hour delivery slot any day of the week.

For now, one thing that’s tragically absent from the line-up is Sainsbury’s infamous Meal Deals: a brilliant £3 set deal that includes a sandwich, a drink, and a fruit-or-chips snack. The company drew a little flak when it made a change to its Meal Deal two years back, doing away with more premium options from the sandwich selection. But beggars can't be choosers, and £3 is still a fair price to pay for a quick on-the-go meal. Plans are underway for the Sainsbury’s-RedMart tie-up to include more food lines before the end of the year; maybe Meal Deals will miraculously be one of them.