UNIQLO releases LifeWear Fall/Winter 2022 Collection

As the winds shift and seasons change with the passing of a year, we too look forward to new colours and apparel choices to match the new weather. Unveiling their Fall/Winter 2022 Collection, global fashion retailer UNIQLO releases a whole new LifeWear collection that transcends the test of time with classic looks, yet showcases the brand’s signature comfort and functionality.


, UNIQLO releases LifeWear Fall/Winter 2022 Collection


Working around the theme of Today’s Classics, the line-up presents beloved apparel of yesteryears, enhanced to adapt to the needs of the modern lifestyle for an evolution that proudly stands by itself as an authentic look.

From denim that requires less water, jackets made with recycled down, to fleece spun from plastic bottles, the new collection offers a wardrobe upgrade that cares for the planet.

With essentials made for everyone, the UNIQLO Fall/Winter 2022 Collection promises sharp classics for today, that will last into the future.


, UNIQLO releases LifeWear Fall/Winter 2022 Collection


Expanding their range of outerwear to suit different lifestyles and settings, from light shirt jackets to wool coats, the new collection features highlights such as the trendy Ultra Light Down Shiny Puffer Jacket for women and lightweight denim Utility Jacket for men.

Focusing on the fresh and fashionable wide pants this season, the line-up presents everything from clean Pleated Wide Pants and 100% denim Baggy Jeans for women, to Wide Fit Work Pants and Pleated Tapered Pants for men.

Not forgetting the brand’s highly functional sport utility wear, the stylishly simple range features the attractive glossy texture of the Women’s DRY Sweat series, the comfortable Men’s Stretch DRY Sweat series, the ultrathin Windproof Outer Fleece series for both men and women, and so much more.


Find out what else the UNIQLO Fall/Winter 2022 Collection has to offer on their website here.