Featuring whimsical designs by local artist Mindflyer

Fans of Japanese casual wear label Uniqlo listen up, a new collection named The New Norm will be debuting tomorrow (Jul 17) under the brand’s very own t-shirt printing service. Exclusively available at the UTme! booth on level three of the Orchard Central Global Flagship Store, expect to be able to don your design of choice that depicts your life in the new normal.

Done in collaboration with local artist Mindflyer in a bid to spread cheer among Singaporeans despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, find a total of eight designs by the cute creative as he interprets how life has changed and how we can take on what lies ahead with positivity.

Choose from artworks that encourage you to stay safe while having fun (aka keep your masks on) to others that remind you to protect both yourself and others by practicing social distancing in public.

To get your hands on one of these pieces, simply head over to the flagship store’s booth and use the tablet available to apply your chosen illustration. Submit your masterpiece before making payment, then get ready to receive your one-of-a-kind tee after about 15mins, give or take a couple depending on the complexity of designs and the length of the queue.

Even shirts have adapted to the new normal folks. And we all should too.

Uniqlo’s The New Norm collection drops Friday, Jul 17 at the Orchard Central Global Flagship Store. More information available here.