Practical presents for an auspicious 2021

With the upcoming Valentine’s Day coinciding with the third day of Chinese New Year, you might want to consider gifting your other half some auspicious and practical presents. Here are 12 gift ideas according to the various zodiac signs and their fortune for 2021; a box of chocolates or flowers will go nicely with them as well. Happy shopping!



Those with partners of the Rat zodiac sign should offer them a gift of friendship and fortune this Valentine’s Day. With the Rat’s lucky colours being blue, green and gold this 2021, this Stainless Steel Thermal Mug in Gold will help them keep lady luck by their side all year round.



Oxes take centre stage this year, but will need to plan their schedule wisely and productively. A practical gift is what they require, so get this gorgeous planner that will definitely do the trick.



It won’t be an easy Year of the Metal Ox for the Tiger, who will need to keep their career and emotions in check. Help your significant other (SO) navigate their work environment better with this work desk organiser; keeping things neat and tidy will be an important theme for them this year.



2021 may also be a challenge for the Rabbit, who will require plenty of patience this year. For Valentine’s Day, get your partner a subscription to the meditation app Headspace so they may enjoy a happier, healthier and more well-rested life.



Dragons will need to work hard and stay focused this 2021, and to help them do exactly that, try this Logitech Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard available in black or white. Boasting the Logitech PerfectStroke key system which offers silent and smooth typing, the keyboard also possesses a long battery life of 24 months that makes it reliable and hassle-free.


Snakes should take things easy this year, and enjoy the rewards it reaped from the year before. To help your beloved loosen up, get them this Cocktail Shaker Kit that will allow them to create delicious drinks when they play bartender on weekends.



Keeping healthy is something the Horse, if not everyone, should be doing this year. If your partner has already gotten into the habit of exercising, then present them with this Under Armour mask that ensures easy breathing even during intense workouts.



It’s a gruelling year ahead for the Goat, as challenges and setbacks are predicted to occur. To help your other half unwind, purchase this Dual Use Eye Mask that features cold and warm sides to soothe the eyes, as well as an adjustable strap for extra comfort.



Monkeys will need allies this year, so be sure to lend them your help and support whenever they are in need. If you’d like to show your love more tangibly, then perhaps some engraved jewellery will entice.



2021 is set to be a fortunate year for Roosters, who are overcoming obstacles from the former Year of the Metal Rat. A gift that offers comfort and ease for the new year would be ideal; consider this Massage Pillow that can easily relieve sore muscles and aches.



Spend time bonding with your other half this 2021, especially if they are of the Dog zodiac sign. Your partner enjoys being playful and trying new activities, so gifting this Our Moments Card Game, Couples edition will entail fun future dates for you both.



Naturally hard workers, individuals of the Pig zodiac sign will need plenty of rest this year. These eco-friendly, aromatherapy scented candles will be able to help your SO relax after a long day at work, thanks to its clean and pleasant lavender fragrance.