Finn Avenue

Online designer furniture shop goes brick and mortar in Admiralty

Online luxury home furniture store Finn Avenue recently launched a new showroom, with handcrafted pieces like sofas, dining sets and other accessories made from hardwood, wool and fabrics imported from France, Italy, Belgium, New Zealand and Spain. Some popular designers on their roster are Nolie & Finn and Florence de Dempierre. The store also specializes in modern reproductions of antique furniture like King Louis chairs, 18th century baloon chairs and other pieces inspired by Baroque, Oriental and Victorian influences. Prices range from $200 for a lamp to $3,780 for a sofa.

Venue Details
Address: Finn Avenue, 02-01 8B@Admiralty, Admiralty St., Singapore, 757440 Singapore
Phone: 8699-3466
Area: North
Open since: July, 2015
Opening hours: Mon-Sat noon-6pm
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