Holystic Sneaker Laundry

Filling in the gap for professional sneaker cleaning services is Holystic Sneaker Laundry, the first of its kind in Singapore with an express store at Wheelock Place and a flagship space located at Cineleisure. The stores adopt a chic, sharp design sense with its wooden counter frames and transparent cabinets.

In-house technicians offer four types of cleaning services ranging from The Holy Basic Clean ($15-20) that covers exterior dry cleaning to The Holy Detail ($40-45) which includes deep cleaning, lace cleaning, deodorizing and more. They also do restoration, mid soles de-yellowing ($30-60), deodorizing ($5) and repairing, among other services. All work is done using cleaning brands like Jason Markk and Reshoevn8r, both of which are also on sale in-store. Both brands offer a range of self-cleaning products such as shoe cleaners, brushes, wipes and travel kits.

If you want to breathe new life into your sneakers, they also provide stencil tagging ($30) and custom design work by their in-house artist who can add prints and colors of your choosing. True sneakerheads can attend the basic sneaker cleaning workshop or restoration workshop (basic and advanced) as well.