The Monocle Shop and Cafe

The buzz: After debuting a pop-up store at BooksActually last year, Monocle finally opens a bureau, store and cafe in Chip Bee Gardens off Holland Village. Cue hipster mayhem.

The vibe: The tiny space is sparse but tastefully curated. White-tiled floors and bare walls are the apt canvas for the understated goods for sale, which are displayed on clean, minimalist dark veneer shelves. A warm, woody scent pervades, and there’s a barista bar in the back corner of the store.

The goods: Clean, utilitarian and super-luxe. Expect to pay a pretty penny for these minimalist items. Think tan leather desk mats ($300), gold-plated paperweights ($170) and even North American white birch toothpicks ($35, but at least they come with mint essential oil). There are also Porter x Monocle tote bags ($315), Comme des Garcons x Monocle perfumes ($140) and the magazine’s first issue signed by Tyler Brûlé ($300). Fortunately the cafe prices aren’t as scandalizing; an espresso goes for $4 and a latte $6.

Why you’ll be back: Die-hard Monocle fans need no reason to come back, but if you’re in the area it’s a great excuse to sip on a cuppa and flip through the latest issue of the mag.