The buzz: Known for their statement tees and locally designed products, online design retailer Naiise has opened a brick-and-mortar store at Westgate, in the space formerly occupied by accessories retailer Aurora Wild. The store is slated to remain open until Mar 2016, so we’re not too sure about calling it a pop-up; it’s definitely more permanent than their previous outings that carried on for just a month or two.

The vibe: Though they took over the fittings and fixtures from the previous tenant, Naiise has managed to make the space its own with its product selections and decor. The store has a cool, futuristic vibe with polished tile floors, gray cubbyholes and mirrored surfaces. You almost can’t tell it used to be a shoe store.

The goods: There’s a huge range of products here, from homeware to fashion and fashion accessories to stationery and even food. Local designers are more than well-represented, and there’s good selection of men’s and women’s accessories. You’ll find stuff like Propoganda mugs ($15.90), Coat nail lacquers ($25), HappySocks gift boxes ($50), Status Anxiety Ivy wallets ($89), Tokyobay Obi watches ($120) and the creepy-cute Sleeping Grizzly Bear bean bag ($329).

Why we’ll be back: It’s always nice to be able to see and touch items before you buy them, and Naiise has always tried to carry interesting products that sometimes must be seen in person. Will all the fun stuff they have in store, it’d be hard not to drop by after browsing through the racks at COS, which is just opposite the store.