Roxy Music Warehouse

The buzz: One of the many vinyl stores located in Adelphi Plaza just went super size, opening a second branch in a converted warehouse out in Bishan, promising over 30,000 vinyl records to explore.

The vibe: Situated in an industrial park, the small front door belies the vinyl treasure trove that lies within. Inside they clearly mean business: no unnecessary bells or whistles, just two long walls neatly stacked with LPs loosely categorized by genre, divided by a central island containing yet more vinyl. Some more collectable LPs are displayed on the wall, along with a couple of framed gold records. There are a bunch of record players stacked on shelves, too.

The goods: Thousands and thousands of second-hand LPs and 7”s to dig through, covering all genres and tastes. There’s a lot that are sourced from overseas so expect a good selection of Chinese artists and a decent range of Japanese imports. Browsing is broken down by genre, with Chinese, Japanese, Japanese pressings, the Beatles, Elvis and other big name artists on the left hand side. You’ll find Jazz and blues in the middle, while the right hand side of the store is where you rummage hard for everything else from 80s pop to 70s prog rock and more. Owner Richard Wan, says prices start from around $15 but they do know their stuff so you might have to pay a fair bit more if you find something particularly collectable.

Why we’ll come back: The sheer scale of this place means you’d take days to go through everything properly and with the owner promising regular new arrivals, how could you risk the chance of missing out on that long lost 7” Japanese import you’ve been hunting for all your life?