The buzz: This no-frills (read: super hardcore) establishment is the only gym in Singapore to subscribe to the Training for Warriors (TFW) system, a much-lauded physical and mental training program originally created for MMA fighters more than 10 years ago.

What it offers: Trainers Gene Leong and Allan Ng call the place “bare-boned”, and that just about sums it up—don’t expect any cushy facilities or shiny new equipment here. Instead, the non-airconditioned gym is littered with serious training tools like kettlebells, barbells trap bars and battle ropes. There are four kinds of classes available—strength, power, hurricane day (metabolic conditioning) and active recovery. Expect to participate in a series of circuit-based workouts, depending on the type of class you sign up for—our power class consisted of moves like kettlebell deadlifts, squat jumps, tricep pushups, suspended rows and medicine ball slams. Sounds intimidating? Not to worry, though—training is progressive, and there are variants of each exercise to cater to different physical capabilities. Plus, each class is limited to just four participants, so you receive maximum guidance.

How much: Packages start from $120 for a set of four sessions (to be utilized within a month) to $230 for unlimited classes. You can also opt for personal training—a single session costs $90, while 10 sessions will set you back $800.