The buzz: Celeb fitness powerhouse trio Brad Robinson, Ian Tan and Oli Pettigrew set up a cool concept circuit gym that feels like an underground fight club, except the only person you’ll be fighting is yourself.

The vibe: The premise Ritual’s built upon is pretty exclusive—the shophouse building is characteristically nondescript and if you don’t get a heads up in advance, you’ll never know the only way to get in is via a limited access lift down an alleyway. Once inside, the whole setup makes you feel like you’ve just been pulled into a mysterious, underground arrangement—there’s an iPad with a cool target board home screen at the reception for you to check in, and as you get absorbed into the circular flow of the grounds (check in—collect attire—change—workout—refuel—get out), you’ll feel increasingly like you’ve joined the ranks of the fitness elite.

The goods: The gym’s 30-minute-get-in-get-out concept is incredibly simple and allows no room for excuses. You won’t need shoes; attire and towels are provided; there is a session going on every 20 minutes from as early as 6:30am to as late as 9pm; and you’ll get a full-body workout.

Why you’ll be back:  It’s hip and painful, an unlikely-sounding pairing that works like a dream. Also, this is where we imagine Edward Norton might have toned up for Fight Club.