Singapore Wake Park

Singapore Wake Park, the city’s only cable-ski park, resumes operations after a two-year hiatus and a change in management. Riders can wakeboard, kneeboard and cable-ski thanks to the three-state-of-the-art overhead cable systems available at the facility, and take breaks at the nearby cafe and bar.

The old SKI360, as it was known back then, has been taken over by Island Lifestyle Group Private Limited in partnership with German cable specialists Sesitec. The new cable system sees six towers, six evenly-spaced carriers and features various obstacles for the more seasoned rider to flaunt their skills. And thanks to the new floodlights that have been installed, you’ll be able to make the most out of the day and ride well into the night. The rates start from $40 per hour on weekdays and $60 per hour on weekends.

Apart from the two System 2.0 cable system designed for beginners and the full-sized one for the seasoned wakeboarders, they also have their own amenities to cater to your needs—shower facilities, changing rooms, lockers and even wifi—they’ve got it all. The cable-ski equipment, vests and helmets are all provided, but you’re more than welcome to purchase or bring your own.

If you are hungry from all the riding, you can always head over to the park’s cafe bar, Coastal Rhythm, and try their Battered Otah Sticks ($14) or their Mac n’ Cheese ($10), or enjoy a Heineken or Erdinger draft beer ($12), to cool yourself off.