Skin Inc

The buzz: Local beauty brand Skin Inc reopens its ION Orchard flagship after a spiffy overhaul. The new 617 sq. ft. space now boasts three treatment rooms and a self-help station to conduct your own skin checks.

The vibe: Clean, bright and sleek, the interiors are bathed in white but don’t come across as clinical with the lively punches of color from its serum bottles. Littered within the store are touchscreen monitors, iPads, wireless headsets and iPhone docks that lend a futuristic edge.

The goods: Of course, the complete range of Skin Inc’s products is housed here. The brand’s signature My Daily Dose serums ($128 for 20ml) are customized and concocted in front of you at the open concept bar. Anytime you need an intensive beauty fix, you can go for the facial and body treatments the store provides for both sexes. Want results fast? Try the Oxy Miracle Infusion Treatment ($178), which reportedly smooths, brightens and hydrates skin with oxygen, a customized serum cocktail, and Japanese onsen (hot spring) water. Even better, the treatment room is equipped with a Bang & Olufsen iPhone dock to play your favorite tunes instead of clichéd spa music.

Why you’ll be back: Your skin condition changes over time, so the nifty self-help station and made-to-measure beauty solutions ensure that you’re always in tune with your skin’s needs.