Truefitt & Hill

The buzz: Just when you thought the city couldn’t take anymore of these “old school barbers”, along comes one that seems bent on trumping the rest, a quintessentially English saloon that dates back two centuries. 

The vibe: The pre-war shophouse space is decked in Timothy Oulton furniture, dark wood panels, marble counter tops and sleek barbershop chairs clad in sexy black leather. Dog-eared photographs in aged sepia adorn the walls while an assortment of trinkets, from magazines to bronze trucks, sits pretty on cabinets. In short, it’s a space that explicitly reminds you of its English heritage, and makes you feel like you’ve just stepped into an exclusive, men-only clubhouse.   

The goods: Costing anything from $40-88, the hair services here—basic as they are—don’t come cheap. But as traditional barbershops go, a lot of work is put into that spiffy haircut, traditional hot towel wet shave and even shampoo session, so you might find that the experience is worth all that coin. There are also more uncommon offerings for men such as nail grooming (a manicure costs $60 while a pedicure can set you back $75), but what really takes the cake here are their complimentary shirt-ironing and shoe-shining services. 

Why you’ll be back: This cool spot is also planning to have a bar set up, serving Champagne, wine, as well as iconic cocktails like martinis, Manhattans and the quintessential man’s drink, the Old Fashioned.