Verita Advanced Wellness

Verita is a wellness haven that truly goes the whole nine yards. Here, you can customize a program to help you achieve your personal health goals, like reducing fatigue, weight loss, boosting your immunity and digestive tolerance levels and managing stress. You can treat pretty much every aspect of your wellness using Verita’s natural healing therapies, most of which also encourage relaxation. If you’ve got respiratory and skin conditions like asthma, bronchitis, sinus and eczema, you can opt for halotherapy, a salt air exposure therapy thats popular in Eastern Europe. There are two man-made salt caves here, covered in Dead Sea salt to maintain a highly anti-bacterial environment. During the session, all you need to do is sit in the cave while pure sodium chloride is dispersed into the air using a nebulizer. Once inhaled, the salt particles are said to help clear the respiratory tract and break down mucus. They also allegedly help to repair skin and stimulate skin tissue growth. For some intense stress relief, try their flotation tank therapy, which involves floating on the surface of water highly saturated in Epsom salt in a chamber that’s been removed of all stimuli (sights, sounds, temperature and even gravity). You’ll float almost immediately as the solution is 10 times more buoyant than sea water, and you’ll be exposed to 15 minutes of music followed by 45 minutes of silence, to allow your body to enter a peaceful and meditative state.