Smoke Signature

Lifestyle concept store at Esplanade offering bespoke furniture, apparel and coffee

Known for their handcrafted, bespoke charred wood furnishings, local furniture label Smoke now offers clothing and coffee too, at its first lifestyle concept boutique, found within Esplanade mall.

The space is unlike most stores you’ll find in Singapore. Decorated with the brand’s very own designs and creations like wooden signages and metal dividers, murals and paintings are also added to the pillars and even furniture, giving Smoke and its pieces plenty of personal touches. One of the many pieces on display is the Garfunker Table ($5269), a teak wood dining table with intricately-painted designs on its legs. It’s an accurate representation of the brand, which finds beauty in imperfections and showcases how creative furniture (or really anything) can be.

A Smoke signature, however, is hands down The Skull, a well-loved coffee table design. Begrudgingly put up for sale, this is a piece that Smoke’s founder personally worked on, and is truly a sight to behold, with its cool, opaque black wood table top, and a see-through glass piece which seals up an empty spot at a corner.

Credit: SG Magazine

Proceed to check out some apparel by two fashion labels under Smoke—Je&nifer, which caters to a more feminine crowd, as well as the much edgier Astropunk. Try on both jumpsuits and dresses in the beautifully hand-painted dressing room, and snap an Insta-worthy selfie in it.

Credit: SG Magazine

You’ll also be able to take a relaxing coffee break at Smoke’s industrial-style cafe located across the large, 5,000 sq ft store. Order some classic espresso-based beverages like the Cafe Latte ($6) and Cappuccino ($5.50), or some locally-inspired teas if that’s what you prefer. There’s the signature Smoke Herb Tea ($6.50), which has gentle pandan notes and a slightly smoky aftertaste; and the highly enjoyable Batik Blue ($6.50), a beautiful indigo-coloured tea that’s given its hue by its main ingredient, the butterfly pea flower.

In some ways, Smoke Signature is more than a local lifestyle concept shop. It’s a museum of sorts, with unique furnishings and art splashed across the grunge space. Keep your eyes peeled; there's always something interesting around the corner.

Venue Details
Address: Smoke Signature, #02 -29 Esplanade, 8 Raffles Ave., Singapore, 039802 Singapore
Phone: 6261-3277
Area: Central, City Hall
Open since: September, 2019
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 11am-7:30pm; Sun noon-7pm
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