Bose @ MW

Opened: May 2009

The buzz: Ever wondered if a home theater system could really be worth a five-figure sum? Bose at Millenia Walk is where to come to find out.

The vibe: So zen you could meditate. The products might kick ass, but the atmosphere is laidback and the décor understated. Home theater systems are set up to make you feel like you’re back at yours, whilst portable speakers and headphones adorn their own sleek counters. If you want to get straight into what’s new, just head straight to the back (look for the word ‘Theatre’ etched out in gold letters). There are also two sound-proofed glass rooms where you can kick back, relax and enjoy all the audiovisual goodness without the world outside encroaching.

The goods: By far the most impressive technology on show is the VideoWave which you can experience in its full glory in the theater room. It’s the world’s only speakerless surround sound home theatre system, with all 16 speakers packed into the 1080p television module; and this is the only place to buy it. For something more affordable, check out the famous wireless QC3 Noise Cancelling headphones, alongside a vast range of more modest speakers and accessories.

Why you should come here: For the theater, of course; even if owning your own home-ent system is still a pipedream. But also because high-end products like Bose really are best appreciated as part of a holistic system.