The buzz: Cyclists have more reasons to cheer with Byx bringing in a wide range of acclaimed brands like Niner, Stevens, Kestrel and Fuji, previously available here only in very limited numbers.

The vibe: Simple, friendly and casual. With the store manager cycling from her Yishun home to work every single day, you know that the crew really know their stuff.

The goods: For day-to-day use, we like Fuji’s practical, urban rides such as the Fuji Nevada ($770) while hardcore off-road junkies will love the mountain bike range from Niner, such as the EMD9 model going for $3,300. Looking for some serious biking action? Try those snazzy Kestrel and Stevens road bikes, or the best-selling Kestrel 4000 LTD, which will set you back a cool $13,000. Oh, and if your bike needs some tuning up, the experts on hand offer extensive in-house services, which even include washing facilities.

Why you’ll be back: They’ve got everything here—a neat range of bikes to suit most budgets and a reasonably wide array of equipments to choose from. Plus, the folks are very friendly—perfect for newbies and seasoned cyclists alike.