The GoDown

The buzz: Interior designer Audrey Lee, lamenting the lack of reasonably priced, one-of-a-kind home décor items, opened this quaint vintage home furnishings store along Zion Road with her Indonesia-based business partner (who is also the founder of bath label Bathe).

The vibe: Cramped but cozy and relaxed—thanks to the delicate calming scents from Bathe’s room diffusers and the neutral color scheme. The stylish and modestly sized showroom brims with products displayed in every nook, except for the open “kitchen” area where you can sit down, ponder potential purchases, have a drink and talk to the friendly staff. In a nutshell, it feels like stepping into a collector’s home.

The goods: Mostly vintage items and antiques like a glass table lamp ($539) and a standing camera ($3,779), though there are newer one-off upcycled pieces of furniture and other items produced in-house, such as the herringbone-patterned coffee table ($899) and the cut-up Cointreau bottle that can be used as a soap dish ($39). Goods are sourced from all over the globe and the owner travels once a month to stock the store with fresh pieces.

Why you’ll be back: There’s always something new to discover, plus the well-curated collection of interesting and exclusive pieces—stuff you can’t find anywhere else—will add heaps of character to your home.

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