The Luxury Galleria

The buzz: Bagaholics’ new shopping address at Robertson Walk is a multi-label accessories-only boutique carrying It bags from high-end labels like Hermes, Chanel, Prada and Balenciaga.

The vibe: In a word, chichi. Reminiscent of a wealthy Francophile’s home, the no-shoes-allowed store is outfitted with glossy black counters, white display shelves, gold fabric-draped ceiling, Baroque-style furnishings and a plush carpet.

The goods: Besides those mentioned, other luxe brands stocked here include Yves Saint Laurent (from $2,100), Bottega Veneta (from $2,780) and Stella McCartney (from $1,050). Nothing here tickles your fancy? The store lets you pre-order most brands and models directly from Europe (authenticity guaranteed), with delivery ranging from two weeks at the quickest to about four to six weeks. And that includes the hard-to-get Birkin (from $19K), which has a legendary waiting list of two to three years.

Why you’ll be back: The boutique stocks past, current and upcoming seasons and claims to retail its products at $100 to $150 below its competitors. What’s more, it offers up to a 36-month interest-free installment plan—so you can feel less of a pinch when you swipe your plastic.