tech@vogue Gallery

The buzz: From the people behind Nubox comes their first specialty store with a focus on accessories and connectivity solutions for smartphones and tablets.
The vibe: A super-organized and meticulous retail space with products displayed in various zones labeled “Hear It” (headphones”), “Blast It” (speakers) and “Juice It” (portable battery chargers)—you get the picture—for easy browsing.
The goods: Highlights include a pair of premium Klipsch earphones ($569) that comes with six interchangeable ear pieces to fit different shapes and sizes and a wireless speaker system (also by Klipsch) at an affordable $888. Trendy iPhone and tablet casings are $29 upwards. Don’t miss out on its “Experience Zone”. Here you can try out a number of nifty tech products—Belkin, Samsung, InCase and Just Mobile—a few of which have not even been released in the market yet, including the Just Mobile Slingbox, which allows users to watch and control their home television through their mobile devices. Pretty savvy.
Why you’ll be back: These guys really do carry quite a range of products. Plus if you’re around the ‘hood, this is one of the better tech stores to meet your geeky needs.