Tommy Bahama

The buzz: Arriving just in time for summer, the cool (literally) linen range of beachwear for men and women is available for the first time in town (although the brand’s been around since 1992). Better late than never.

The vibe: The store’s sturdy wooden panels and shutters, coupled with warm hues of brown and cream, reflect the clothes’ tropical feel.

The goods: For the men, highlights include supremely comfortable short-sleeve shirts (in black, white, baby blue and alabaster), vintage light wash jeans, linen shorts and sandals that are great for a day out, without looking too casual. Women can find much to love in its cotton tank dresses, pretty rose-colored linen tank tops and sexy white denim cropped pants. Prices are $150-200 for men’s shirts, $160 for dresses and $60 for belts and accessories.

Why you’ll be back: When the heat gets too much, you’ll probably want to find some love here.