Windows Experience Zone

Opened: May 2011

The buzz: The first Windows space of its kind in Southeast Asia (Thailand will have its one of its own in October), with an area exclusively dedicated to the latest Xbox gadgets.

The vibe: At first glance, the WEZ doesn’t look too impressive. Throughout the store are island displays with four to five different computer models set up on each for comprehensive viewing, so it looks rather like a school computer room. But it’s designed with both the newbie and the discerning geek in mind, making it a really conducive place to “personalize” a purchase. The space is split into sections like Learn, Play and Work, and those unbiased Microsoft Captains really are quite helpful.

The goods: You can buy pretty much whatever you like here, including Windows-enabled laptops and extras like external hard drives and keyboards specially selected from their massive range. Heads-up to all you gamers: The Windows Experience Zone will also be the first place you can try out Gears of War 3, which is slated to launch later this month.

Why you should come here: It’s like an IT fair with all the intimidating stuff and screaming marketers taken out. We were genuinely impressed. Wait til October, and you can also try your hand at their new 100” (that’s more than 2.5 meters!) interactive touchscreen designed to help you navigate the overwhelming number of products. And it’s open all night!

Venue Details
Address: Windows Experience Zone, 6/F Funan DigitaLife Mall, 109 North Bridge Rd., Singapore, Singapore
Phone: 6339-9008
Area: City Hall
Open since: May, 2011
Nearest trainCity Hall
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